3DS Emulator v1.02

Play your favorite 3DS games on your Windows-based PC now! This 3DS emulator is the ultimate 3DS emulation. The official 3DS Emulator is a gaming tool that allows users to play 3DS Games on their PC and/or MAC. Most of the 3ds games run perfectly (sometimes there are minor bugs). The 3DS games become playable in HD quality, with 1080p and more.

This 3DS Emulator took some time to code and develop. After tons and tons of failed results, we created a magic recipe that finally allowed us play 3DS Roms on the PC. This is not the first emulator we made for Nintendo but this is the only one we developed that allows you to play 3DS roms on the computer. Our 3DS Emulator is actively developed, refreshingly updated with new features, and bugs fixed on a weekly basis.

HypnoHD Screenshot


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No more waiting for delayed release dates or bad console conversions. Start playing your favorite 3DS games on your computer. We do weekly updates to ensure there is a minimal amount of bugs and glitches.

System requirements (minimum requirements):

Core 2 Duo, 2-4GB RAM, Post-2008 dedicated GPU, Windows XP (DX9).


Features Included:

High average framerate (fps) with vSync

Fast load times (due to the game pause/resume feature)

Can load/save your in-game progress

Supports all newer nVidia/Radeon GPUs

Supports SSE3/SSE4 CPUs

Improved memory consumption

DX9/DX11 Mode

Available for download NOW

Dedicated user support


Why Use the 3DS Emulator:

- Best in class product support

- Lightest hardware requirements

- Regular updates and bug fixes

- only one currently working


In-game Screenshots:

3ds emulator



3ds emulator ss1

3ds emulator ss2

(v.1.02 Screenshots)

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